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Today we will guide you how to make your standard Homepage, Login Page, Contact Page and any other Particular to SEO Friendly URL. We have applied this one many client website and it worked very well. You just need to edit your SEO URL PHP Page no need of redirection through .htaccess file. It is easiest way to make FREE SEO URL for OpenCart Pages.

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 To Check how it works on OpenCart 2.0x + Please Click here


This is for For OpenCart 1.5x – Check steps How it works 

Step 1)  Rename htaccess.txt to htaccess from ftp server (main directory)


Step 2.  Go to Admin Panel of Opencart and 

Navigate to System > Settings and click Edit button



3 Step >>  Server tab, set Use SEO URL’s to Yes and Save the changes.




Final Steps

Now you can write seo keyword  SEO Keyword to each category and product in your store.

Navigate to Catalog > Products to update products SEO Keyword

You should edit product, select Data tab and fill in SEO Keyword field.

To add category SEO Keywords you should edit each category under Catalog > Categories, select

Data tab and update SEO Keyword field.


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If you also want to make your Page like Home , Contact and Login as SEO URL then try this 

By default –
www.[DOMAIN NAME].com/index.php?route=common/home
www.[DOMAIN NAME].com/index.php?route=information/contact
www.[DOMAIN NAME].com/index.php?route=account/login
Now you want to change this url to like this

You want like this –
www.[DOMAIN NAME].com/contact
www.[DOMAIN NAME].com/home
www.[DOMAIN NAME].com/login

Here is the steps to make it work :

Go to this file location : catalog/controller/common/seo_url.php

And Add following code after certain line no.

1st Step :After this line no 2 :

class ControllerCommonSeoUrl extends Controller {

Add this line :
/* SEO Custom URL */
private $url_list = array (
'common/home' => '',
'checkout/cart' => 'cart',
'account/register' => 'register',
'account/wishlist' => 'wishlist',
'checkout/checkout' => 'checkout',
'account/login' => 'login',
'product/special' => 'special',
'affiliate/account' => 'affiliate',
'checkout/voucher' => 'voucher',
'product/manufacturer' => 'brand',
'account/newsletter' => 'newsletter',
'account/order' => 'order',
'account/account' => 'account',
'information/contact' => 'contact',
'account/return/insert' => 'return',
'information/sitemap' => 'sitemap',
'account/logindata' => 'support',
/* SEO Custom URL */

2nd Step : After this line no 116 or

add this
/* SEO Custom URL */
if( $_u = $this->getURL($data['route']) ){
$url .= $_u;
}/* SEO Custom URL */

3rd Step : After this line no 146 or

return $url_info['scheme'] . '://' . $url_info['host'] . (isset($url_info['port']) ? ':' . $url_info['port'] : '') . str_replace('/index.php', '', $url_info['path']) . $url . $query;
} else {
return $link;

Add this
/* SEO Custom URL */
public function getURL($route) {
if( count($this->url_list) > 0) {
foreach ($this->url_list as $key => $value) {
if($route == $key) {
return '/'.$value;
return false;
public function setURL($_route) {
if( count($this->url_list) > 0 ){
foreach ($this->url_list as $key => $value) {
if($_route == $value) {
return $key;
return false;
}/* SEO Custom URL */

Thanks all Enjoy 🙂

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  • Hi, Yes, the code works just to show the changed links. But the actual pages are not found. Using version

  • The code works just to show that the links have been changed.
    But the actual pages are not found.

  • Changed URLs in SEO friendly with above code but when I click on links it’s giving not found error.
    I’m using opencart 2.2

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  • what is the use of setURL function that was added at last

  • The code works just to show that the links have been changed.
    But the actual pages are not found in opencart ….

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